miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Art Trade Shows in Madrid February 2013

If you are in Madrid and you like Art, there are now two activies you must follow: ART MADRID and ARCO.

We talked down below about Arco -Art Trade Show in Madrid-, that starts today and follows up to the 17th of this month. 201 galleries from 27 countries and more than 2,000 artists will be represented in Madrid -with with 133 foreign galleries and the International participation rising a 66%.

Madrid street Paseo de la Castellana advertising ARCO Art Trade Show with flags

ART-MADRID is another Trade Show taking place in Madrid in the same dates -from February 13th to Feb. 17th-. This show receives a smaller number of galleries and has mostly presence of Galleries from Spain, but with a very good level. It also has a space for Young artists calles One Project which provides a flair of modernity and 'avantgarde'. 
Art Madrid receives more than 40,000 visitors and has been organized for eight years.

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